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  • The path towards democracy in Egypt: the missed chance of the parliamentary elections

    Denise Giacobbi* POMEAS OP-ED, 2 August 2016 After more than two years since Morsi’s removal from power, parliamentary elections have Read More
  • Lebanon's Political Stalemate: The Failure of the Sectarian Regime

    Antoine APPRIOUAL* POMEAS BRIEF No.11, February 2016  Abstract Since summer 2015, the Lebanese people have been regularly demonstrating against the Read More
  • Tunisia’s “Transition”: Between Revolution and Globalized National Security

    Corinna Mullin* POMEAS PAPER No.8, September 2015  Recent events have called into question Tunisia’s status as the “model” Arab uprising Read More
  • China’s Response to the Arab Spring

    Mehri Annayeva* POMEAS OP-ED, 10 July 2015 China with its fastest growing economy and active diplomacy has a significant role Read More
  • Malaysia and the Arab Spring

    Bülent Aras* and Sinan Ekim** POMEAS PAPER No.7, July 2015  In one of his first speeches in the aftermath of the Read More
  • The Impact of the Syrian Refugee Crisis in Lebanon

    Zeynep Şahin Mencütek* POMEAS BRIEF No.10, June 2015  Abstract One of the most dramatic consequences of the Syrian civil war has Read More
  • The EU’s Mediation Role in the Post-Arab Spring Era: A Comparative Analysis of Tunisia, Egypt and Libya

    Juliette Bisard* POMEAS BRIEF No.9, June 2015  While the EU has often been criticized for its passiveness towards Arab Spring countries, Read More
  • Indonesia and the Arab Spring

    Bülent Aras* and Sinan Ekim** POMEAS PAPER No.6, May 2015  IntroductionAs the Arab Spring sent shockwaves across North Africa, the Read More
  • Overcoming the Regional Stalemate: Understanding the Politics of the Gulf States and Turkey during the Egyptian Coup

    İsmail Numan Telci* POMEAS BRIEF No.8, April 2015  Abstract The Egyptian revolution faced its “counter-revolutionary moment” when Abdal Fattah Al-Sisi Read More
  • Pakistan and the Arab Spring: No Scenario for Muslim Cooperation

    Bülent Aras* and Sinan Ekim** POMEAS PAPER No.5, April 2015  In January 2011, the Arab World appeared in flux. Bouazizi's Read More
  • Violence Compared: Rape in Turkey and India*

    Pınar Akpınar** and Jasmine Lovely George*** POMEAS OP-ED, 20 April 2015 There are striking similarities in the responses to rape and Read More
  • Egypt and the Politics of Token Reforms

    Emad El-Din Shahin* POMEAS BRIEF No.7, March 2015  Abstract This paper discusses two main challenges the current regime in Egypt Read More
  • U.S.-Iran Nuclear Deal: The Need for a Regional Perspective

    Emirhan Yorulmazlar* POMEAS OP-ED, 20 March 2015 When the Obama administration's ground-breaking effort to carve out a nuclear deal was Read More
  • Soft Power and Hard Realities: Japan's Engagement in the Middle East

    Melisa Mendoza Vasquez* POMEAS OP-ED, 27 February 2015 The cautious engagement of Japan in the Middle East received a hostile Read More
  • The Euro-Mediterranean Partnership after the Arab Spring: How Can the EU Set Up a New Deal?

    Juliette Bisard* POMEAS OP-ED, 27 February 2014 While uprisings were gaining ground in its South-Mediterranean neighboring countries, the EU surprisingly Read More
  • Qatar’s Regional Aspirations: Changing Mediator Role during the Arab Spring

    Pınar Akpınar* POMEAS BRIEF No.6, February 2015  Abstract Ever since its outbreak in 2010, the Arab Spring has brought about both Read More
  • India’s Dilemma in the Arab Spring

    Bülent Aras*,Elif Gizem Demirağ** and Mona Sachter*** POMEAS PAPER No 4., February 2015  Abstract How can India's reactions to the Arab Spring Read More
  • Iran and the Arab Spring: A Tale of Two Narratives

      Ali M. Ansari*POMEAS BRIEF, No. 5, December 2014 The Iranians were swift to take credit for the Arab Spring. Read More
  • Burkina Faso: A Revolution Out of the Blue?

    Mona Sachter* POMEAS OP-ED, 16 December 2014 While protests beginning in Tunisia and sweeping over the Middle East sparked interest from Read More
  • Obama and the Middle East: Continuity and Change in US Foreign Policy?

    Fawaz A. Gerges*POMEAS BRIEF, No. 4, November 2014 Almost six years after all the rhetorical flourishes and promises that accompanied Read More
  • Russia’s Policy in the Middle East and the Fight Against Extremism

      Alexey Malashenko* POMEAS BRIEF, No.3, October 2014 In early September 2014, the Islamic State (IS) posted a video message on Read More
  • Joint Declaration by International Law Experts on Israel’s Gaza Offensive

    Richard Falk* POMEAS OP-ED, 28 July 2014 Prefatory Note: Posted here is a Joint Declaration of international law experts from Read More
  • Egypt’s Road to Revolt: Reading Egypt’s prospects

      Emirhan Yorulmazlar* POMEAS OP-ED, 25 July 2014   There is an uninformed debate going on about the Middle East, Read More
  • Turkey as a "Humanitarian State"

          E. Fuat Keyman* and Onur Sazak**  POMEAS PAPER No.2, July 2014 The global power shift that started over Read More
  • No exit from Gaza: A new war crime?

      Richard Falk*POMEAS OP-ED, 15 July 2014 As the hideous Israeli assault on Gaza, named Operation Protective Edge, by the Read More
  • Searching for the Garden of Eden

      Pınar Akpınar*POMEAS OP-ED 15 July 2014 Zahra and Salma were 16 the night they sneaked out of their warm Read More
  • Palestine’s dilemma: to go or not to go to the ICC

    Richard Falk* POMEAS OP-ED, 13 July 2014 Ever since this latest Israeli major military operation against Gaza started on 8 Read More
  • Tormenting Gaza

      Richard Falk*POMEAS OP-ED 13 July 2014 For the third time in the last six years, Israel has cruelly unleashed Read More
  • A Brief Introduction to Kurdish Rojava Region

    Yasin Duman - Compared to the Kurds in the North, South and East Kurdistan , Kurds in Rojava were not able to Read More
  • Egypt’s Top-Down Sectarianism

      Bülent Aras* and Selma Bardakcı**POMEAS BRIEF, No.1, June 2014   A close analysis of sectarian divides in Egypt reveals Read More
  • The Square: Two Years That Shook Egypt

    Begüm Zorlu - The Tahrir Square has been without a doubt the new discourse to unite Egyptians under the same motivation. Read More
  • On Prosecuting Syrians for War Crimes

    Richard Falk - A major undertaking of the victorious powers in World War II was to impose individual criminal accountability upon Read More
  • Questioning Water Policy: Israel and Palestine

    Hilal Elver - The Middle East has a long history of water related conflict that extends for 5000 years. Israel and Read More
  • The Pattern of Change and Order in Egyptian Politics

    Melisa Mendoza Vasquez - The developments taking place in Egypt since the beginning of January 2011seems to be drawing a vicious Read More
  • Military Coup, Elections, and Authoritarian Survival in Egypt

    Bülent Aras - Not a year has passed since the coup d'etat in July 2013, which ended the rule of the Read More
  • Israel’s 50 Day Attack on Gaza

    Richard Falk* POMEAS PAPER No.3, November 2014   AbstractThis paper holds an exploratory approach for explaining the latest developments took Read More
  • Erdoğan’s Syria Problem

    Bülent Aras - In his victory speech following the March 30th municipal elections, Prime Minister Tayyip Erdoğan mentioned a de facto Read More
  • Russia's Syria Policy: On the Wrong Side of History

    Bülent Aras - Russian diplomacy on the elimination of chemical weapons in Syria represents a significant achievement. This development provides some Read More
  • The Gulf States' Widening Gulf

    Bülent Aras - President Barack Obama is arriving in Saudi Arabia at a critical moment for the country. Its recent decision Read More
  • The Obsolescence of Ideology: Debating Syria and Ukraine

    Richard Falk - I have been struck by the unhelpfulness of ideology to my own efforts to think through the complexities Read More
  • Celebrating Water Cooperation: Red Sea to Dead Sea

    Hilal Elver - In December 2013 the World Bank proudly announced a rare agreement on water among Israel, Jordan and the Read More
  • Time to Go it Alone in the Middle East? Saudi Arabia, UAE and Turkey

    Bülent Aras - The U.S. administration is only concerned about a few particular issues in the Middle East and is aiming Read More