Interview with Trita Parsi

29 August 2014, Washington DC

Trita Parsi was born in Iran. He moved first to Sweden and then to the United States where he studied foreign policy at Johns Hopkins School for Advanced International Studies and received his Ph.D. Parsi is an expert on geopolitics of the Middle East in general and Iranian foreign policy and US-Iranian relations in particular. 

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Interview with Emad El-Din Shahin

25 August 2014, Washington DC

Emad El-Din Shahin is a public policy and administration professor in the American University in Cairo where he also completed both his bachelor's degree and master's degree. He is currently visiting professor at Georgetown University.

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Interview with Richard Falk

20 August 2014, United States

Richard Falk is an American professor Emeritus of International Law at Princeton University. He just completed a six-year term as United Nations Special Rapporteur on Palestinian human rights. He was appointed to this role by the UN Human Rights Council, in 2008.

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Interview with Matthew Bonham

6 July 2014, Istanbul

Matt Bonham is Professor of Political Science and Co-Director of the Newhouse-Maxwell Public Diplomacy Program in the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs at Syracuse University. The Maxwell School is a member of APSIA, The Association of Professional Schools of International Affairs.

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Interview with Hesham Youssef

27 June 2014, Istanbul

Hesham Youssef is Senior Advisor for Secretary-General, League of Arab States. He is also the Assistant Secretary General for Humanitarian Affairs for the Organization of Islamic Cooperation. Youssef has been a career diplomat at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Egypt in since 1985. Ambassador Youssef served at the Egyptian Embassy in Canada and the Egyptian mission in Geneva focusing predominantly on trade issues in the World Trade Organization. In 2001, he joined the Arab League as official spokesman.

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Interview with Mehrzad Boroujerdi

25 June 2014, İstanbul

Dr. Mehrzad Boroujerdi is the founder and director of the Middle Eastern Studies program at Syracuse University as well as an associate professor of political science in the university. He is the editor of the Modern Intellectual and Political History of the Middle East book series and book review editor for the International Journal of Middle East Studies.

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Interview with Joel Migdal

20 June 2014, Istanbul Policy Center

Joel Migdal is Robert F. Philip Professor of International Studies at the University of Washington since 1994. He served as Chair of International Studies Program at the same university in the years between 1981 and 1995. He was appointed to many professional activities in various prestigious associations such as; Association for Israel Studies, Harvard University Center for Middle Eastern Studies, American Political Science Association and Peking University. He is writer of numerous articles, book chapters and books as well. He received many awards from different selective associations and universities.

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Interview with Dr. Rafik Abdessalem


5 May 2014, Istanbul

Dr. Rafik Abdessalem was Foreign Minister in the first democratically elected government in Tunisia's history. He holds a BA in Philosophy from Mohammed V University, Rabat, as well as a doctorate in Politics and International Relations from the University of Westminster. He worked as a researcher at the University of Westminster and a visiting scholar at the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies. He has been prominent member of various scientific and research bodies such as; Tunisian Students General Union, Maghreb Centre for Research and Al Jazeera's Centre for Studies. 

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Interview with Ruprecht Polenz


19 March 2014

Sabancı University

Ruprecht Polenz is the former Member of the German Bundestag (1994-2013) and Mercator-IPC Senior Fellow. As Member of Parliament he held the Chair of the Committee on Foreign Affairs. The focal points of his work are foreign and security policy, with regional emphasis on the Middle East, in particular Iran and Turkey and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In addition, he chairs the Bundestag's Parliamentary Control Panel under Section 41 (5) of the Foreign Trade and Payments Act and is a substitute member of the Joint Committee of the Bundestag and Bundesrat under Article 53a of the Basic Law.

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The Arab Spring in Perspective: Implications for Europe and Turkey by Mesut Özcan

17 March 2014, İstanbul Policy Center 

I will analyze the Arab Spring in the Middle East, what has changed after the Arab Spring and its effects on Turkish foreign policy. To start with, when we look at Turkish foreign policy towards the Middle East, we can say that the year 1999 was an important turning point for two main reasons.

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Edward Said’s Legacy and the Palestinian Struggle by Richard Falk


18 Februray 2014, Princeton University

It is a particular honor and challenge to join the list of distinguished speakers who have preceded me to deliver lectures in this annual series dedicated to the legacy of Edward Said. In various ways I was connected with the Princeton dimension of Edward's later years: not only was he a most cherished friend, but also a tennis and squash partner from time to time, and a guest speaker in my graduate courses on several occasions.

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