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What Went Wrong for Women After the Arab Spring?

Selma Bardakcı* and Rebecca Lucas**

The Arab Spring constitutes one of the most prominent political developments of the 21st century. In the revolutions that took place all over the Arab world, women played an active and important role. In the Middle East and North Africa regions, they initiated street protests and organized public political movements; they also overthrew powerful dictators that had been ruling for many years. Despite their dynamic participation, the Arab Spring did not bring the political, social, and economic progress that these women desired.

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Question with an Unpredictable Answer: Future of the Middle East?

Melisa Mendoza Vasquez*

Middle East has been having hard times since the 2011 Revolutions started and quickly shook many of the regimes which are thought to be very strong. People's movements showed that the strong security apparatus of the authoritarian countries in the region in fact is not that stable.

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The Polarizing Impact of the Arab Spring on Bahrain’s Society

Rukaya Zayani*

Bahrain has always been a multicultural country; since its ancient history, Bahrain's small but diverse population has thrived through tolerance and mutual understanding. Bahrain's geographic location and maritime commerce have all played a crucial role in its diversity.

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Kurdish Initiative for Democratization in Syria: Notes from the Istanbul Meeting

Yasin Duman*

The Kurdish Initiative was founded on May 8, 2014 by nine parties and organizations from Rojava (West Kurdistan) and declared that their aim is to unite all the parties in Syrian National Coalition to work in cooperation for a democratic and political solution to the Syrian civil war 1.

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Egypt's Democracy: A Year After the Coup

Ahmed Fahmy*

A year has passed since Egypt went through another turning point in its political history. Last summer, the army ousted Egypt's first democratically elected president under demands from scores of protesters for an end for the Muslim Brotherhood's rule. The Brotherhood's government had not even lasted a year. The ousting of the Brotherhood was followed by a month-long sit-in by the Brotherhood in Cairo's Rabaa El Adaweyya and Al Nahda squares; these protests ended on the 14th of August in a bloody raid by the security forces that left well over 630 people dead and thousands others injured.

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