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Arab Spring, Africa and Terrorism

Abdoul Yoro Diallo*

It is primordial to mention that the Arab Spring, which promised to mark a new era conferring the authoritarian regimes in the Maghreb and the Middle East a higher level of democracy, did not simply bring such outcomes as expected. Although it was thought that the Arab Spring would institute justice, equity, development, and prosperity, the reality was that these ideals turned out to be nothing more than a utopian dream that failed to be realized as ethnic minorities and political dissidents continued to be degraded within these countries.

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The birth and right of self-determination and the battle of territory

Omar Salha*

The right of all peoples to self-determination remains one of the most contested debates of our time. When discussing the right of self-determination, the concept raises a multitude of questions; amongst them what the 'right' gives right to, who is obliged to grant those rights and to whom, and how to prove when those rights are being violated.

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Iran's Kurdish Dilemma

Salih Yasun*

A potential scenario in Iraq seems to be a loosely formed alliance or the breakup into three states, ruled by the Kurds, the Shias, and the Sunnis. Such a scenario would severely limit Iranian influence in the region, and could lead to further demands of autonomy by Iranian Kurds.

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What can be the Solution in Syria?

Majid Al-Bunni*

What can be the possible solutions for Syria and how to implement these solutions have created a huge discussion that still remains unanswered.

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Shipwrecked: Obama’s Middle East Policy in Uncharted Waters

Selma Bardakcı* and Julie Sherbill**

When the Arab Spring began, President Obama was pursuing a proactive foreign policy approach towards the Middle East. This approach is evident in his 2009 Cairo speech, one which promoted diplomacy, dialogue, and collaboration with the Arab World. Entitled "A New Beginning," it embodied the Obama Administration's determination to combat U.S. animosity towards and anti-Americanism in the Middle East that resulted from Bush-era policies.

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