POMEAS takes into account both the specific national circumstances and the global, regional, and sub-regional dimensions of the unfolding reality in the Middle East as a result of the Arab Spring. The project is also concerned with disturbing developments that challenge the authority of elections as the foundation of governmental legitimacy. Such a challenge resorts to fear tactics, street politics, and destabilization to create a crisis of legitimacy that sets the stage for a military coup and an associated repudiation of democratically elected governments. We hope in this project to clarify the distinctions between majoritarian and republican forms of constitutional democracy, and to demonstrate the advantages for the citizenry of republicanism.

Above all, we seek to promote democratic values and humane forms of governance that are sensitive to individual and collective human rights, and seek forms of economic, social, and political development that are both equitable and respectful of the rule of law. POMEAS will also diagnose regional trends as interactive with relevant global trends, sensitive to the cyber habitat in this era of intensifying globalization. The global dangers such as climate change, water and food security, and the role of women in the Middle East inform many recent regional developments, and are often not adequately reflected in political analysis.


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